Carrier pallet cleaning

Why is pallet cleaning necessary?

In the flow soldering process, a heat-resistant mounting jig called a flow pallet (solder pallet) is attached to cover the parts that are not to come into contact with the solder, such as surface-mounted components already mounted on the pallet, and only the parts to be soldered to the inserted components are open.

The pallet is then passed over the raised molten solder in the flow soldering bath by contact. During this process, flux adheres to the edges of the openings of the pallet, and the flux can cause the solder to creep up and adhere to the masked areas, so regular cleaning of the pallet is necessary.

Our line-up of pallet cleaning system

PALLETCLEANER series line-up
Model PCLT PCM PCL-001
Advantage Inexpensive
Large capacity
Compact Large capacity
Machine size
950×500×1,250mm 600×500×1,100mm 900×600×1,150mm
Opening 770×450mm 450×200mm 1,000×280mm
cleaning area
Pallet size
310×390mm 800×310mm
Tank capacity Approx. 25L Approx. 12L Approx. 17L
Designated cleaner PALLETCLEAN series
Power input Single phase, 100V Three phase, 200V

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