A wide variety of "troubles" have occurred at manufacturing sites. This page offers many information in detail what "troubles" are occurring in the areas of "cleaning," "painting," and "adhering," how to solve them, and the background and basic knowledge why "troubles" are occurring in the first place. It's our pleasure if you could discover the products and hint that solves your troubles.


Kinds of "Cleaning"
This section introduces the outline of industrial cleaning and the cleaning areas we are in.
"Cleaning" in Electronics industory
We take up the cleaning and issue required for electronics cleaning and introduce our products to solve these issues.


Troubleshooting for Painting process
In the automotive painting field, we are focusing on the two major defects called "cissing" and "particles" and introduce our products that solve these defects in detail.


Conductive paste / Silver paste
Conductive paste / Silver paste

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