Anti-static clothes cleaning

Mist attached to electrostatic clothes

Paint mist also adheres to the electrostatic clothes worn during painting work and the robot suits worn by painting robots.

 Ordinary laundry detergent will not remove the paint mist, so in some cases, cleaning thinner is used to clean the clothes, but it damages the base material of the electrostatic clothes, which may break the fibers and cause lint. Although it is only lint, it can be a cause of defective products in the painting process.

 In addition, from the viewpoint of reducing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, there is a movement to review the washing process using thinners (solvents).

Our line-up of cleaning electrostatic cloth

KAKEN TECH has developed the SUKKIRIN series of washing agents that remove paint mist, sealer, and oil stains from electrostatic clothes and robot suits without damaging the original surface.

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