Carrier pallet cleaning system PALLETCLEANER

"Quality comes from reliable cleaning"

Having trouble in quality control because of uncleaned carrier pallets?
Carrier pallets heavily influence mass production quality since they directly contact the products.
Our carrier cleaning system and PALLETCLEAN, specialized for cleaning carrier pallets, can make your quality control smoother and easier.


Takes only 1 minute! Incredible cleaning ability

PALLETCLEAN, our newly-developed exclusive cleaning chemicals, gives you an incredible cleaning experience.It exercises excellent cleaning ability in flux clung to carrier pallets. You are now free from troublesome carrier pallet cleaning.


Longer lasting pallets

Powerful showering thoroughly cleans the carrier pallets without damaging them like blushing and ultrasonic cleaning would do.


Compact! Simple! Cost effective!

Compact design that can fit anywhere.
Simply structured, no need of complicated maintenance at all.
Reasonably priced. Also runs at reasonable costs.
Two types available depending on pallet size.

Demo movie


Main unit size W600×D500×H1,100mm W900×D600×H1,150mm
Applicable carrier pallet size 390×310mm 510×460mm
Liquid amount in cleaning tank Approx. 12 L Approx. 24 L
Power connection Power supply of 3-phase 200V


Designated cleaning chemical PALLETCLEAN
Main component Hydrocarbon, water Glycol
UN Class N/A 3
UN No N/A 1993
Packing Group N/A III
Package 12kg/UN can 17kg/UN can

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