Chemicals for reducing paint trouble

How to reduce particles in painting process?

 Dust, dirt, and small insects floating around in the paint booth…

 No matter how many measures are taken to identify the source of the dust, it is extremely difficult to reduce it to zero.

 In some cases, oil pans filled with water are placed around the painting lines to collect dust, but the water evaporates, so in many cases, the pans are refilled several times a day.

Water based dust adsorbent, DUSTRON series

 KAKEN TECH has developed Dust-Run, a water-soluble adhesive that can be applied to booth walls and mesh to collect dust, dirt, and small insects.

 DUSTRON is a product that does not dry out easily, so there is no need to add more every day!

 At room temperature, it can retain its adhesive properties for six months.

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