Flux cleaning

Requirements for Flux Cleaning

Flux residue after soldering may affect the subsequent circuit characteristics.

Recently, mounting density has been increasing, and flux cleaning, so-called “Deflux”, is required for mounting of small size chips, narrow pitch, fine pitch, and mounting that requires reliability, such as in aircraft and automobiles. Flux cleaning is also necessary when applying potting resin, wire bonding, underfill insertion, and moisture-proof coating in the post-process, as the flux residue may interfere with the adhesion of the applied material.

Flux cleaning is also required for the removal of solder balls and for pin checker contact problems in the inspection process.

KAKEN TECH’s Flux Cleaning System

KAKEN TECH is one of the first companies to establish the three key components of flux cleaning for electronic circuit mounting: “cleaning evaluation technology”, “cleaning agents”, and “cleaning equipment”. We are one of the first companies to predict that flux cleaning would become more difficult with the introduction of lead-free and halogen-free solder, and our pre-developed products have already been well received in many markets.

We have also developed products to meet the increasing demand for reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and are expanding our lineup of low-VOC cleaning agents in the flux cleaning field.

Flux Cleaning System Lineup

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