Automobile parts made from resin?

 Some automobile parts are made by molding resin. For example, bumpers.

 In the past, bumpers were made of steel, but now they are made of highly elastic resin to soften the impact on the car body and people.

 These plastic parts are painted in the same way as the car body.
If oil-based stains such as grease and mold release agents (additives used during resin molding to make it easier for the parts to be removed from the mold) adhere to the parts, they will cause Hajiki (cissing) and paint defects after painting.
Before painting, it is necessary to wipe and clean the surface to remove oil-based stains and mold release agents.

Static electricity elimination

 When wiping and cleaning, oil and static electricity are removed as well.

 If static electricity is left on the surface of plastic parts, it will attract particles such as dust and dirt during the process, and if the parts are painted as they are, the appearance of the parts will be poor due to attracted particles.

 In the past, IPA (isopropyl alcohol) was used for wiping up plastic parts, although its performance was not sufficient, but more and more users are considering replacing it with other cleaning liquid in consideration of its impact on the environment and human body.

  In some cases, cleaning agents containing surfactants are used to eliminate static electricity, but the surfactants left on the surface of plastic parts can cause coating defects called blisters.

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