Paint cleaning

Why is paint removal necessary?

 Paint adheres to the jigs and tools used in the painting process of automobiles, and if this paint is scattered in the painting booth, it can cause paint bumps, resulting in defective painted car bodies.

 In order to prevent paint defects, it is necessary to remove and clean the paint from the jigs and tools used in the process.

Paint condition

 In fact, there are different cleaning and stripping agents that should be used for different types of paints depending on the condition of the paint.

  • ●If the paint has already been heat cured, the STRIAL series (recommended to be used with pre-coating agents) is the best choice.
  • ●If the paint has not been heat-cured and is just dried (raw paint), it can be peeled off by simply placing it in hot water if a precoat agent (POLYCERA GUARD M) is applied to the jig in advance.

Other causes

 Jigs and tools are not the only things that can cause coating defects.

 Paint deposits on the inner surface of paint pipes and at the openings of bell cups (paint spray ports of painting robots) cannot be removed with paint thinner and may cause painting defects.

 KAKEN TECH has developed the piping cleaner series to remove paint deposits inside paint pipes and the BELSEN series to remove paint deposits inside bell cups and paint guns.

Our products for removing paints

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