We are developing uniquely shaped silver powder, which is called TK silver powders and silver paste which utilizes them with our original technologies in the world.
The TK PASTE is a conductive adhesive with a variety of characteristics, taking advantage of the unique features of TK silver powder, such as "forming a conductive path with a small amount of silver," "having a light apparent specific gravity," "having a uniform particle size," and "sintering at low temperatures."


Low-silver paste with a cost of 1/2
TK PASTE CR-2800 is a surprising low-silver paste that uses chestnut-like TK silver powder and achieves a resistivity of 10-3 Ω·cm with a silver content of only 50wt%.
The specific gravity is light at 2.1, which is half that of conventional products (80wt% silver) and reduces the cost of using paste to 1/2.

Dry at room temperature! 1 liquid, room temperature dried silver paste
The “TK paste CN-7120” is a 1 liquid, room temperature drying type paste that does not require heating for curing.
It is ideal for use in conductive bonding of heat-sensitive electronic components.
It is easy to handle with a tube.

Highly conductive silver paste suitable for die bonding.
TK PASTE CR-3520 is a 1 liquid heat-curing type silver paste with high electrical and thermal conductivity.
It is excellent in reliability, such as high temperature and humidity resistance and heat cycle resistance, and is suitable for lead-free countermeasures for die bonding materials.

High electrical and thermal conductive silver paste for low-temperature sintering
TK PASTE CM-3212 can be sintered at low temperature of 250°C, resulting in extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity.
※ Reference: Silver melting point is 961°C


Product CR-2800 CN-7120 CR-3520 CM-3212
Feature  Low specific gravity Ag paste
1-liquid, low-temperature curing type
No heating required!
1-liquid, room-temperature drying type, which shorten the manufacturing process!
Excellent reliability for die bonding.
1-liquid, heat curing type.
Low-temperature sintered Ag paste with micro sized silver powder.
1-liquid, low-temperature sintering type
Application For earth and shielding For earth and shielding For die bonding For die bonding
Resin Epoxy Thermoplastic resin Epoxy
Resistivity 6×10-3Ω・cm 5×10-4Ω・cm 4×10-5Ω・cm 5×10-6Ω・cm
Heat transfer property 20W/m・K 80W/m・K
Curing condition 990°Cx60min 25°Cx60min 130°Cx30min
Packaging 10 g (5cc) syringe 15 g aluminum tube 5 g (3cc) syringes
Storage condition Frozen(-10°C or below) Frozen (-10°C or below) Frozen (-10°C or below) Frozen (-10°C or below)

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