Paste and bond cleaning agent: HA series


 In the electronics industry, there are many processes for applying paste materials by screen printing. Screen printing is a type of stencil printing in which holes are made in the plate itself and ink paste is rubbed from the holes.

 Solder paste, thick-film paste typified by silver and palladium, conductive adhesives, resist inks, temporary fixation bonds, and many other materials are printed using metal (stencil) and screen mask (mesh plates).

 Cleaning of openings is indispensable for maintaining accuracy and reducing printing defects in the management of printing plates.


Problems with screen cleaners


① Different types of contamination


 Resin components contained in various pastes, adhesives, and bonds differ greatly from each other. In addition, they contain thixotropic agents that are insoluble in solvents for viscosity adjustment. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate cleaning agents tailored to the respective materials.


② High requirements for work environment


 Not only in the electronics industries, but in recent years there has been a high level of corporate awareness of the work environment, and it is necessary to comply with various laws and regulations related to safety, such as toxicity, odor, flammability, and combustibility. In particular, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), which has been widely used in the industry, is increasingly required to be replaced due to the requirements of the Industrial Safety and Health Law, the Organic Solvent Work Regulations (Safety and Health Law and Organic Law), and the Fire Defense Law.


③ Cost


 Fluorocarbons and fluorinated solvents are advantageous from the point of view of the flash point, but they are as expensive as 3 to 10 times that of general solvents.


④ Resistance to target workpieces


 Increasing the cleaning performance impairs the resistance of the workpiece. Many of the target workpieces are metal mask plates and mesh plates, and the materials used include adhesives, emulsions, protective tapes, and surface water-and-oil-repellent treatments. The challenge is how to minimize the impact on the materials and improve cleaning property.
Cleaning agent offered by KAKEN TECH.

 We have a long track record in the electronics industries and are aware of numerous pastes, adhesives, and bonds. As a specialist manufacturer of cleaning agents, we are developing cleaning agents from a wide range of perspectives.
① Capable of cleaning various pastes, adhesives, and bonds
② Developing new products with low-odor and not applicable to related regulations
③  Designing of cleaning agent in consideration of material resistance


【List of cleaning agents】

HA-1040U HA-1245U HA-3399U HA-1285U HA-2789U HA-4040U HA-4045U
Feature High cleaning and drying property Best Seller! Good cleaning performance to not only the solder paste, but also the ink paste. For automatic cleaning (back wiping) of the printing equipment. Low odor type. Cleaning property for solder paste is good even though it is NOT classified as Dangerous Goods. Low VOC type. Among non-dangerous cleaner, cleaning property is high. Low odor type. Reduce evaporation loss and capable of using with low running costs. Low odor and low VOC cleaner.
For manual cleaning × × ×
For automation cleaning ○ *1 ○ *1
Soldering paste
Ink paste
Flash point 29℃ 47℃ 27℃

Boiling point 120℃ 146℃ 98℃ 100℃ 100℃ 100℃ 100℃
UN Class 3 3 3 N/A N/A N/A 8
UN No 1993 1993 1993 N/A N/A N/A 3267
Packing Group N/A N/A N/A
Packaging 16 kg/can 17kg/can 15kg/can 17kg/can 12kg/can 17kg/can 18kg/can

*1: When using the SAWA ECO BRID SC-AH100-LV manufactured by the SAWA CORPORATION.


Combined use with cleaning equipment


 In recent years, the precision structure of electronic substrates and electronic components has been increasing year by year. As a result, the openings in the screen masks are also on a micron-by-micron basis, and there are many cases in which residue remains in the hand washing plate and cleaning is defective. For this reason, automatic cleaning machines using ultrasonic waves and showers have been proposed by various companies.
 The cleansing agent of KAKEN TECH is the recommended cleansing agent for stencil cleaner “SAWA CLEAN” manufactured by SAWA CORPORATION. SAWA CLEAN is a cleaning equipment that directly uses ultrasonic to make it possible to cleanse even the fine residues, and has resolved problems which occurs when immersing stencils with ultrasonic and showering.

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