Stencil / screen mask cleaning

What are Stencils (metal masks) ?

In the electronics industry, the process of applying paste material by screen printing is often seen.

Screen-printing is a type of stencil printing, in which holes are made in the printing plate itself and ink paste is applied through the holes.

Many materials such as solder paste, thick film paste, conductive adhesive, resist ink, and temporary fixing bond (so-called "SMT red glue") are printed using metal mask and screen mask (mesh mask).

In the management of these printing plates (metal masks and screen masks), cleaning of the apertures is essential to maintain printing accuracy and reduce printing defects.

Problems with metal mask cleaners and screen mask cleaners

Diverse target

The resin components contained in various pastes, adhesives, and bonds differ greatly from each other, and they also contain thixotropic agents that are insoluble in solvents to adjust viscosity, so it is necessary to formulate a cleaning agent that matches each material.

High level of requirements for the work environment

Not only in the electrical and electronics industries, but also in recent years, there is a high level of corporate awareness of the working environment, and it is necessary to comply with various safety-related laws and regulations, such as toxicity, odor, flammability, and combustibility.
In particular, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), which has been commonly used in the industry, is increasingly in demand for a substitute.


Alternative CFCs and fluorinated solvents have advantages in terms of flash point, but their prices are expensive, three to ten times higher than general solvents.

Resistance of the target workpiece

Increasing cleanability impairs the material resistance of the target workpiece. Most of the target workpieces are metal mask plates and mesh plates, and the materials used include adhesives, emulsions, protective tapes, and surface water and oil repellant agents.

The challenge is how to minimize the impact on the materials and improve the cleanability.

Solder paste and bond cleaner : HA series

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