Flux cleaner WS-923U

Flux cleaner WS-923U removes flux residues on substrates and reflow oven in the manual cleaning process.


High solubility

Flux residue stuck into small parts can be removed strongly.

Improve work efficiency

WS-923U has higher flux solubility and dries faster than IPA, which improves work efficiency.

Good for environment

WS-923U does not contain chlorofluorocarbons or ethane.

Good part durability

WS-923U is designed in consideration of the solvent resistance of the parts to be mounted.


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Main component Hydrocarbons and alcohols-based
Specific gravity 0.73
Boiling point 79~100℃
Flash point -12℃
UN Class 3
UN No 1993
Packing Group II
Package 13kg / UN can

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