Flux Cleaning System MICROCLEANER®

Masterpiece of the deflux system to improve the cleaning quality of electronic circuits (PCB) and electronic components that require high quality! 


High cleaning performance and high realiability 

In addition to the high deflux capability which removes every bit of flux left even under the chips, it promises high quality without increasing the amount of dielectric loss caused by hydrophilization of circuit surfaces, often seen when cleaned with chemicals requiring water for rinse. Lead-free solder flux can also be cleaned.


Cost effective with complete recycling system

Eco-friendly design with less waste emission enables lesser running cost of liquid compared to Freon (CFC-113) by recycling the liquid in a built-in compact distiller, standardly-equipped.


Dry fast even under the chips

Since the special rinse chemical MARKLESS penetrates in fine parts and dries four times faster than water, no liquid remains in the gap under the chip.


Compact and user friendly design

Equipment is designed compact enough to fit in your work space and is user friendly just as easy as CFCs cleaning.

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Development principles of MICROCLEAN & MARKLESS, highly reliable cleaning chemicals

*Maintain circuit characteristics before and after cleaning. (Focus not only on insulation resistance but also on dielectric properties.)

*High dissolvability and removability of flux residue after soldering, especially ionic compounds, and other process contaminants

*No or mere impact on electronic components and other materials Or, the effect is extremely slight.

*High safety to human body and environment.

*Stably suppliable and recyclable


Product name Cleaning chemical Rinse chemical
Lead-free solder
(For difficult cleaning)
Non-dangerous goods
Main component Glycol-based Alcohol-based Alcohol-based Glycol-based Alcohol-based
Specific gravity (20℃) 0.92 1.00 1.05 0.93 0.89
Viscosity mPa.s(20℃) 7.4 9.3 7.4 11.0 2.3
Surface tension mN/m (20℃) 29 35 29 36 26
Boiling point (℃) 200 or more 200 or more 200 or more 100 or more 81
Flash point (℃) 117 105 117 24
Ozone deplting potential 0 0 0 0 0
UN Class
N/A N/A N/A N/A Class 3

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