Anti-static clothing and robot suit cleanser, SUKKIRIN TU-392KU

Significant reduction in VOC emissions (90-95%) compared to cleaning thinners.

The base of the anti-static clothing is not damaged, and the generation of lint that causes dust and butts can be reduced.

Remove paint, sealer, and oil soil vigorously.

How to use

  1. Put a SUKKIRIN TU-392KU in a designated cleaning machine and clean anti-static clothing or robot suits.
  2. After dehydration, wash by water with a household washing machine to finish.

* Putting SUKKIRIN TU-392KU directly into household washing machines may cause malfunction and damage to the packing, etc.

* SUKKIRIN TU-392KU is water-soluble cleaner, but contains solvent components. Please dispose as industrial waste.


Appearance Colourless to pale yellow clear liquid
Main component Alcoholic solvents, water
Specific gravity 1.03
Flash point None
Water solubility Dissolved or dispersed in water
UN Class N/A
Packing Group N/A
Packaging 18 kg/can


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