PLACLEAN series, wiping agents for degreasing, antistatic effect, and removing of mold releasing agents

PLACLEAN series can remove mold release agent, oil, hand oil, etc. which is difficult to remove by IPA, etc.

By preventing electrification of the resin base material, it is possible to reduce the adhesion of dust and particles.

Since the PLACLEAN series does not contain nonvolatile components, there is no failed adhesion of the coating film!

How to use

  1. Put PLACLEAN series in a container.
  2. Impregnate the wiping cloth with PLACLEAN series, and squeeze the wiping cloth off by hand.
  3. Wipe the surface of the resin product before painting with a squeezed wiping cloth.

* The usage depends on the coating conditions and the contamination of the workpiece.

* Since the cloth after wiping is contaminated, wiping with a clean cloth surface always prevents reattaching the contamination to the workpiece.


Feature For general use IPA substitute, fast drying Able to use with automatic cleaning machine
Main component Hydrocarbon / alcohol Alcohol Alcohol
Boiling point 97℃ 78℃ 78℃
Flash point -7℃ 16℃ 25℃
Water-solubility Difficulty Easy Easy
Surface tension 20 dyn/cm 22 dyn/cm 23 dyn/cm
Wettability (PP)
VOC components 99% 100% 59%
Target resin PP、 urethane PP, urethane, ABS PP, urethane, ABS
Packaging 13 kg/can 14 kg/can 16 kg/can


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