Water based dust adsorbent for paint booth, DUSTRON CT-1621U

DUSTRON CT-1621 is a water-based dust adsorbent for reducing particle trouble in the painting process.

Never let go attached dust and small insects with its long lasting moisture Easy to apply!

Easy to apply!

Cost effective with its application quantity of 40g/m2 at a thickness of 40μm!

Anti-rust agents are used to prevent rust on metal walls!

More than 99% of ingredients are natural components!

Easy to remove by wiping with waste or water washing.

How to use

  1. Wipe off moisture from the wall of the painting booth and setting room, and apply DUSTRON using a brush or roller.
  2. When removing DUSTRON, DUSTRON can be easily removed with rubber spatula, by wiping with waste and washing with tap water pressure.

* Recommend to use shaggy brush or roller because of its high viscosity.

* Do not use the product in a place directly exposed to water, in a high-temperature atmosphere (60℃ or higher), or in a moving, rocking, or rusting area.


Appearance Slightly suspended viscous liquid
Specific gravity 1.1
Viscosity 15Pa・S(6rpm) 8Pa・S(12rpm)
COD 2,700 mg/liter (1% aqueous solution)
UN Class N/A
Packing Group N/A
Packaging 17 kg/can


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