Company Info

We love the people, love the products, love the company, and value trust.
This is our management policy.
We, KAKEN TECH Co. Ltd., have from our very beginning put our best efforts into developing the products contributable to the society in chemistry.
It has always been the “people” whom we treasured who allowed us to tap the field of chemical materials providing efficiency, safety and comfortableness.
Our products make people happy fundamentally because we put a high value in giving love and paying respect to the people. We create the workplace and atmospheres based on this belief and provide numerous opportunities to our employees.
Our company logo has the lively image of “person” in the K of KAKAN TECH.
With our treasure of people, we will continue developing even more excellent products to serve your interests.

The four management policies of KAKEN TECH aim for success and happiness for both human and corporation.

1. Our chemical products contribute to the society.
2. Our technology and services are always the first of its kind.
3. Action speaks louder than words.
4. Satisfactory work brings full life.


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