Reflow oven cleaner KakenClean DF-555U

KakenClean DF-555U is water-based cleaner and strongly remove flux stuck onto each parts of reflow oven and other type of oven.

KakenClean DF-555U can be used not only for cleaning reflow oven or each parts of oven, but also conveyor chain of wave soldering, carrier (Carrier pallets) or fluxer.


Low odor

KakenClean DF-555U does NOT have unpleasant odor, realizing comfortable work environment.

Splendid cleaning property

KakenClean DF-555U is specially blended cleaner, which has three times as much flux dissolving property as IPA, though it is water-based cleaner.

Spray cleaning

KakenClean DF-555U is in spray bottle and flux will be easily dissolved by wiping after spraying to flux and leave it for a few minutes.

Low toxicity

KakenClean DF-555U is glycol and water-based cleaner, and does NOT include any toxic ingredients like halide solvent (i.e. chlorine, fluorine or bromine-based), toluene, xylene and IPA.

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Main component Glycol, water
Flash point None
UN Class 8
UN No 3267
Packing Group
Packaging * 500g x 12 btls / case

*Refill type (18kg/UN can) and conc. type (17kg/UN can) is also available.

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