Electronic circuits and components nowadays require sophisticated cleaning. Our cleaning system will surely improve your product quality.

  • High cleaning performance and high realiability
    In addition to the high deflux capability which removes every bit of flux left even under the chips, it promises high quality without increasing the amount of dielectric loss caused by hydrophilization of circuit surfaces, often seen when cleaned with chemicals requiring water for rinse.
  • Cost effective with complete recycling system
    Eco-friendly design with less waste emission enables lesser running cost of liquid compared to Freon (CFC-113) by recycling the liquid in a built-in compact distiller, standardly-equipped.
  • Dry fast even under the chips
    Markless, our exclusive rinse chemicals, penetrates in fine parts and dries four times faster than water, allowing no liquid residue in gaps under the chips.
  • Compact and user friendly design
    Equipment is designed compact enough to fit in your work space and is user friendly just as easy as Freon cleaning.

You can secure high reliability and cost effectiveness at the same time!!

Today's highly information-oriented society via namely satellite and mobile communication, requires electronic circuits integrated in higher density responding to high speed and frequency demands. Automobiles, too, have been electronized to pursue higher reliability and safety.

In times like this, electronic circuits including PCBs surely require better cleaning quality. Commonly used Freon and chlorinated ethane before the phase-out were convenient yet insufficient when it comes to cleaning performance. They would have phased out sooner or later even without the abolition in the name of environmental protection because of their quality performance.

We have established cleaning technology evaluation, cleaning chemicals and equipment, entirely original, as three pillars, in order to quickly meet the demands of high reliability while offering alternate choices to Freon and chlorinated ethane.

Our eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, Microclean and Markless, and Microcleaner, the equipment, have a reputation and record for high reliability and cost effectiveness no less than conventional Freon cleaning in electronic circuit packaging including semiconductor packaging.

Solder is rapidly going lead-free. We have successfully developed cleaning chemicals capable of removing hard-to-clean lead-free solder flux. They can also clean the white residue of lead-free solder, adhered at a high temperature that conventional semi-aqueous, glycol or hydrocarbon based chemicals could not remove.

[Development principles of Microclean & Markless, highly reliable cleaning chemicals]

Essential principles in product development (screening items)

  1. Maintain circuit characteristics before and after cleaning
  2. High dissolvability and removability of flux residue after soldering, especially ionic compounds, and other process contaminants
  3. No or mere impact on electronic components and other materials
  4. Human and environmentally friendly
  5. Stably suppliable and recyclable


Product Name Microclean
Major Component Glycol based Alcohol based Alcohol based
Specific Gravity (20°C) 0.92 1.0 0.89
Viscosity (20°C) 7.4mPa.s 9.8mPa.s 2.3mPa.s
Surface Tension (20°C) 29dyn/cm 39dyn/cm 26dyn/cm
Boiling Point Over 200°C Over 200°C 81°C
Flash Point 117°C 114°C 24°C
ODP 0 0 0

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