2018-08-16 00:00:00 +0900

KAKEN TECH announces that we obtained investment from SBIC and increased capital to 82.5 million yen.

SBIC has been investing over 1,800 small/medium companies which are excellent and expected to grow.

Due to completion of this investment, we held the press conference at MYDOME OSAKA

at 8th-Aug, 2018.



The capital will be applied to R&D facilities of next generation deflux system and electric conductive adhesives.

We’ll speed up support for our customers and development of new products,

achieving increase in sales domestically and internationally.


please contact from here if you have any inquiries.

2018-07-23 00:00:00 +0900

We would like to inform you that Japanese Summer Holiday will be coming soon.


Please be informed that our office and factory will be closed

from Saturday the 11th of August to Wednesday the 15th of August.

Summer holiday notice.JPG


Any inquiries or e-mails received on our website during the above period
will be attended on or after the 16th of August.

We apologize for any inconveniences it may cause and
thank you for your understanding.


2018-07-04 00:00:00 +0900

KAKEN TECH has just appeared on YouTube!


we've currently start the new YouTube channel! 

Youtube KAKEN TECH.jpg

(Click the image to jump to YouTube. pay attention to BGM volume.)


【Now ON AIR】

・cleaning comaprison of flux between our developped chemicals (3 kinds) VS IPA. 

・demonstration on deflux of reflow oven parts.

・introduction of deflux system for carrier pallet cleaning, "PALLETCLEANER


we're going to uploading the movie as follows,  

*KAKEN TECH chemical versus IPA

*Introduction of KAKEN TECH cleaning machine

*How to use KAKEN TECH chemical

 enjoy movie and share your comments on YouTube!


Any inquiries are welcome from Here!


2018-04-09 00:00:00 +0900

KAKEN TECH has newly developped the deflux cleaner for reflow oven, Kaken Clean DF-555U!

When cleaning Reflow oven, have you been fed up with

☹ strong, unpleasant odor,

☹  low defluxing property, and

☹  flammability and toxity                           

   of conventional cleaner?             143313.png


Kaken Clean DF-555U can solve your problem!

Kaken Clean DF-555U is

->Three times stronger than IPA! 
    With KakenClean DF-555U, burned flux at high temp. can be easily removed.
KakenClean DF555U.png

->Good workability with spray bottle!  
    Spray KakenClean DF-555U directly to flux and wipe off after a few min.! 
kaken clean df-555U.jpg

->Low odor!
   KakenClean DF-555U has less odor, keeps your work environment pleasant.

->Low toxicity!
   KakenClean DF-555U is Non-flammable and Non-toxic.


Also, Kaken Clean DF-555U has line-up of Conc. type(concentrated products).

please check product page for more information!

any concern or inquiry are welcome from here.



2018-04-04 00:00:00 +0900

We are going to join the JISSO PROTEC show in Japan!

Date: 6 Jun-8 Jun, 2017 (10AM-5PM)
Place: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth: 4D-23, East 4 Hall

KAKEN TECH offers the greatest packaging solutions for any issues related to cleaning, removing and adhesion.

Let’s say goodbye to dirty reflow oven!
With our newly developed cleaner, KakenClean DF-555U, cleaning of reflow oven and oven parts
is no longer troublesome and time-consuming work!
KakenClean DF-555U can surely upgrade your work environment
with stronger flux solubility and less odor than IPA!
We’ll perform cleaning demonstration at the booth, with ultrasonic cleaner.

KakenClean DF555U.png

Furthermore, we have wide selections of low odor cleaning chemicals
available for variety of use for packaging line.
ODOR IS NO LONGER the issue with our newly developed;
- stencil cleaning chemicals
- dispenser nozzle cleaning chemicals, and
- solder pallet cleaning chemicals.
Stencil cleaning chemicals also come in spray bottle.
Come see our deflux system and carrier pallet cleaning system, the top share in the industry,
with real machine demonstration at the booth.

New line of TK-PASTE, the high-profile silver contained conductive adhesives, will be introduced as well.

We look forward to your visit.
If you are interested, please contact us from the contact form.
Invitations will be sent from mid-Apr and onward.


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