TK Paste
Our company has been producing various types of specially-shaped "TK silver powder," including the world's first developed thorny silver powder as shown in the picture, one after another with our unique and sophisticated technologies.

We are also developing "TK PASTE," conductive adhesive with many features, maximizing the advantages of TK silver powder such as;

- Forms a conductive path with a little amount of silver
- Low apparent specific gravity
- Uniform particle diameter
- Sinters at a low temperature


Low silver-contained paste, costs only 50% of the conventional

"TK PASTE CR-2800" is an incredible silver paste with only 50wt% of silver contained with thorny TK silver powder realizing the resistivity of 10-3Ω・cm.

It costs only a half of conventional silver paste (80wt% silver contained) because of the powder's shape and low specific gravity, 2.1, allowing a double amount of use in the same weight.


Silver paste of high electrical and thermal conductivity, sinterable at a low temperature
"TK PASTE CM-3212" realized remarkably high electrical and thermal conductivity with the contained silver sintering at a low temperature of 250°C.
*Reference: Silver melts at 961°C.


Highly conductive silver paste best suited for diebonding
"TK PASTE CR-3520" is a highly conductive, highly heat transmitting one-liquid heat curing silver paste.
It has strong credibility on constant temperature and humidity resistance and thermal cycle resistance. You can now go lead-free on diebonding materials.


No heat necessary! One-liquid, room temperature dryable silver paste
"TK PASTE CN-3160L" does not require heat when curing. It is a one-liquid paste that dries at a room temperature, improving your operating efficiency.
It is perfect for conductive joining of non-heat resistant materials such as PP and PET.
Offered in a tube, easy to handle.

TK silver powder

TK silver powder sintered at a low temperature

TK PASTE CN-3160L Package

Product Name CR-2800 CM-3212 CR-3520 CN-3160L
Feature Low cost, low specific gravity Ag paste
One-liquid, low temperature heat curing

Micro-sized, low temperature sinterable Ag paste
One-liquid, low temperature sintering
Highly reliable Ag paste for die bonding
One-liquid, heat curing
Heat unnecessary!
Easy handling, one-liquid, room temperature drying
Use Earth, shield Die bonding Die bonding Earth, shield
Resin Epoxy resin Epoxy resin Thermoplastic resin
Resistivity 6×10-3Ω・cm 5×10-6Ω・cm 4×10-5Ω・cm 3×10-3Ω・cm
Thermal Conductivity 80W/m・K 20W/m・K
Curing Condition 90°C*60 min. 60°C*60 min.

250°C*60 min.
130°C*30 min.

180°C*60 min.
25°C*15 min.
or 60°C*2 min.
* Dry to touch
Package 200g (150cc) btl
10g (5cc) syringe
10g (5cc) syringe 15g alminum tube
Storage Condition Frozen (below -10°C) Frozen (below -10°C) Frozen (below -10°C) Chilled (below 10°C)

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