Environmental Policies

Our Shiga Factory acknowledges the mission to conserve and coexist with the abundant nature including the Lake Biwa, the fundamental water source for Kinki area, and promote environmental conservation and reform activities via production of chemical materials contributing to environmental and quality improvement of our customers’ products and production lines as follows;

  1. We acknowledge the environmental impact of our factory’s production activities and promote reduction of environmental burden and less energy and resource consumption in response to the requests from our customers and local community.
  2. We aim to reduce the amount of waste, operate recycling system, and prevent environmental contamination.
  3. We abide by laws, ordinances, and treaties concerning the environment.
  4. We set a clear goal on the environment, continuously improve it and review it on a regular basis.
  5. We carry out environmental education programs for our employees in order to raise their environmental consciousness while updating the environmental management system.
  6. We hereby announce these environmental policies to all of our employees and to the public.
Shigeo Hori
Kaken Tech Co., Ltd.

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